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        • The annual output 300 tons of 1,5-naphthalenediamine

          supply 1,5-naphthalenediamine; Synonyms:1,5-diaminonaphthalene; 1,5-diamino naphthalene; for our customers, CAS NO.:2243-62-1, which be used as organic synthesis intermediates, heat resistant polymer monomers such as polyimide and polyamide,Synthesis of various fine chemical products such as pigments, dyes, rubber additives, resins, and photosensitive materials, The purity of above 99% and 25 kg packaging. The annual output of 1,5-naphthalenediamine is 300 tons. The appearance of 1,5-naphthalenediamine is gray crystal powder.

          2018-12-13 44

        • The annual output 200 tons of glycinamide hydrochloride

          Our company supply glycinamide hydrochloride for our customers, CAS NO.:1668-10-6, which has organic synthesis intermediates, synthetic intermediates and pharmaceutical intermediates, The purity of above 99% and 25 kg packaging. The annual output of glycinamide hydrochloride is 200 tons. The appearance of glycinamide hydrochloride is snow white crystal powder, no sticks, Welcome new and old customers to contact us without any hesitation, looking forward to the cooperation with you!

          2018-12-05 29

        • We supply bisphenol fluorene series products now!

          Our company's new products: ?bisphenol fluorene series products?, including 4,4'-(9-Fluorenylidene)diphenol, Synonyms:9,9-Bis(4-hydroxyphenyl)fluorene; Fluorene-9-bisphenol, CAS: 323

          2018-12-04 107

        • We introduce new organic intermediate 1,4-cyclohexanedione

          we supply 1,4-cyclohexanedione for our customers,The annual output of 1,4-cyclohexanedione is 50 tons. The appearance of 1,4-cyclohexanedione is light yellow crystal powder.

          2018-11-27 527

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